The Reffell Family in 1911

A snapshot in time on Sunday 2 April 1911

One Hundred Years ago...

A comprehensive survey of the Reffell family of one hundred years ago..

Surrey Branch

Much of the Reffell family originated in Surrey, but by 1911 there was a lesser presence there consisting of the Shere Brewers. Scattered around the country were the following people who came from the Surrey branch.

William Henry Reffell had been a bricklayer living in Felday Surrey, latterly known as Holmbury St Mary. His first wife Ellen Potter had died some while ago, but three of their six girls were still around. William had then married Louisa Thornton and both her and both a boy and a girl from that marriage were in the 1911 census.

The eldest daughter from Ellen's marriage Jane Elizabeth had married Thomas Steele in 1902 and they were living at the New Lodge at Henley Park in Henley-on-Thames where he was a gardener. Two of their children Robert William and Edith Elizabeth were with them, the eldest daughter Dorothy Alice was living with her grandmother.

The youngest daughter from Ellen's marriage Florence Mabel had married Sydney Storey Harding in 1905 and they were living at 89 St John's Road in Deptford where he working was a postman.

William's second wife Louisa was living at Widmore 24 Nightingale Lane in Bromley Kent and working from home. With her were two of her natural children William Henry Thomas & Louisa, step daughter Agnes Ellen, granddaughter Dorothy Alice and adopted daughter May Ellen Cohen.