The Reffell Family in 1911

A snapshot in time on Sunday 2 April 1911

One Hundred Years ago...

A comprehensive survey of the Reffell family of one hundred years ago..

Notable Events of 1911

  • 3 January - In the Siege of Sidney Street, 1,500 members of the Metropolitan Police and the Scots Guards fought a gun battle with a trio of anarchists who had killed three police officers earlier. When the building caught fire, two of the men burned to death.

  • 4 January - The British Antarctic Expedition led by Robert Falcon Scott, accompanied by the crew of the Terra Nova reached Antarctica, landing at Cape Evans and prepared for an expedition to the South Pole that would begin on November 1.

  • 14 January - The Norwegian Antarctic Expedition led by Roald Amundsen arrived at the Bay of Whales, where the base camp Framheim was established at the Ross Ice Shelf.

  • 18 January - Eugene B Ely became the first person to land an aeroplane on a ship, bringing his Curtiss biplane down on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania, anchored thirteen miles out to sea from an airfield in San Francisco.

  • 26 January - Richard Strauss's opera Der Rosenkavalier was given its first performance, at the Semper Opera House in Dresden.

  • 6 February - Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States (1981-1989), was born at 4:16 am in Tampico Illinois, to Jphn & Nelle Reagan. He died on 10 June 2004.

  • 18 February - The first air mail flight in history took place in India, when French pilot Henri Pequot carried 6,500 letters from Allahabad a distance of 8 miles, to the Naini junction.

  • 2 March - The vote on the second reading of the Veto Bill, giving the British House of Commons power to override actions of the House of Lords was passed.

  • 3 March - The first congressional appropriation was made for what would become the United States Air Force, with $125,000 being allocated for the US Army Signal Corps to purchase aeroplanes.

  • 7 March - In an event whose significance was little noticed at the time, British physicist Ernest Rutherford first described his discovery of the nature of subatomic structure.

  • 8 March - The Ford Motor Company Ltd., more popularly known as Ford of Britain, was incorporated as a subsidiary of the American Ford Motor Company Inc. In October, the factory at Trafford Park near Manchester, began building the first British-assembled Model T automobiles. Initially the cars were made by four man teams, until the assembly line was set up in 1913.

  • 2 April - The United Kingdom census was taken, based on two Acts, one for Great Britain and the other for Ireland. Schedules with multiple questions were distributed to each household, and collected by enumerators the following day.

  • 17 April - The record was set for the highest number of immigrants (11,745) being processed in a single day through the US Bureau of Immigration station at Ellis Island, New York.

  • 24 May - New York Pubic Library opens.

  • 31 May - The ocean liner RMS Titanic is launched in Belfast. Her sister ship RMS Olympic sails for Liverpool the same day to take up transatlantic service.

  • 22 June - The Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary takes place at Westminster Abbey

  • 22 June - The cCompletion of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool is marked by starting the clocks in its towers at the same moment as the Coronation.

  • 24 July - Hiram Bingham rediscovers Machu Picchu in Peru.

  • 10 August - British MPs vote to receive salaries for the first time.

  • 17 August - During a railway strike in Llanelli two men are shot dead by police.

  • 18 August - The Official Secrets Act is passed.

  • 26 September - The world's first scheduled airmail post service is flown between Hendon and Windsor.

  • 4 October - The first electric escalators are introduced at Earl's Court tube station connecting the Piccadilly line to the District Railway.

  • 24 October ? Orville Wright remains in the air for 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a glider at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina, and sets a new world record that would stand for 10 years. .

  • 1 November - The world's first combat aerial bombing mission takes place in Libya during the Italo-Turkish War. Second Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti of Italy drops several small bombs.

  • 21 November - Suffragettes storm the Parliament in London and all are arrested and choose prison terms.

  • December - The Delhi Durbar held to mark the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor & Empress of India, and the transfer of the capital of the British Raj from Calcutta to Delhi.

  • December 14 - Roald Amundsen's expedition reaches the South Pole.