The Reffell Family in 1911

A snapshot in time on Sunday 2 April 1911

One Hundred Years ago...

A comprehensive survey of the Reffell family of one hundred years ago..

Bermondsey Branch

James Reffell, the Waterman of the Bermondsey branch and his brother Emanuel Reffell had a number of children who also became watermen, however within a generation of their passing there was no one within the family who was connected with the river. James had married Mary Ann Waghorn and her unusual surname was to be reflected as a child's middle name for many generations to come.

James John Reffell was a baker living at 51 Fawcett Road in Deptford with his wife (who was born with the Reffell surname and was a first cousin) Alice Maud. Eight of their ten children were there; Florence, Henry, Annie, Alfred, Albert, Gladys and Leonard. The eldest son William James was also married and living there His occupation was as a stationery engine driver with the South East & Greenwich Railway. Together with their young son William it must have been a very busy household. The eldest daughter Alice Maud had married Edward Miles in 1903.

Henry and Alfred above were both apprentice compositors and this may have been due to the influence of their uncle Frederick George Jager who was a qualified compositor. He had married Elizabeth Maria Reffell and was living at 4 Cranswick Road in Rotherhithe.

Also a compositor by trade, Albert Rowland Hill had married Caroline Hilda Reffell the previous year and they were living at 42 Dale Road in Finsbury Park. Also with them was Caroline's sister Florrie Amelia who was working as an examiner in an International School.

Ellen Reffell had married George William Smith in 1907, but unfortunately had been widowed the previous year. Helping her bring up their two young children Ellen & Elizabeth was her unmarried sister Emma. They lived at 82 Ilderton Road in South Bermondsey where the two sisters both worked in the clothing trade.

James Waghorn Reffell was working as a jeweller and living at 1 Albion Grove Albion Road in Stoke Newington with his wife of ten years Edith Mary Balls. Also there were there children; James Edward, Edith Alice & Frank. his mother Mary and brothers George and Charles were nearby at 25 Noel Street Calebroke Row in Islington. The brothers were both diamond moulders by trade.

James Waghorn's brother John Henry was also a jeweller and living at 76 Kings Court Road in Streatham. Also there was his wife Margaret Wilkinson and children; Margaret Mary Wilkinson, John Robert & Alice Hilda.

The son of George Bush Reffell, William Henry was living at Four Marks in Alton Hampshire with his wife of twenty nine years Ellen Bond. He was living on his own means with their second son Sidney Guy. Eldest son Frederick William was a manger of a beer bottling works and living at 91 Bostoke Avenue in Northampton. With him was wife Edith Carradine and young daughter Eileen Constance. The only daughter Edith Beatrice was with her carpenter husband Ernest Lockton at 4 Rosehill Road in Wandsworth.

Henry Waghorn Reffell had emigrated to Canada in November 1867, and his youngest son Charles James Reffell was to be the only one who remained there to be shown in the 1911 Canadian census.