The Reffell Family - 1700s

Shere signpostBy the 1700s the Reffell family is well established in the lovely Surrey village of Shere. Other locations nearby known to have Reffell connections in this century are; Dorking (from 1735), Stoke D’Abernon (from 1755), Abinger (from 1771) and Albury (from 1782).

Settlement Certificates exist in the Surrey History Centre for the following families:-

  • Elstead – 17 November 1787 for Henry, wife Ann and six children (Mary 1777, William 1779, Henry 1781, Elizabeth 1783, Thomas 1785 and George 1787) from Peperharow.
  • Albury – 21 April 1781 for William, wife Hannah and one daughter Ann from St. Martha’s.
  • Stoke D’ Abernon – 27 March 1749 for Marmaduke, wife Mary and six children (Mary 1738, William 1740, John 1742, Marmaduke 1743 & Sarah 1745) from Cobham.


1746 John Reffell is born

10 February 1771 John marries Elizabeth Terry at Abinger

21 March 1775 Elizabeth wife of John is buried at Shere

8 October 1776 John marries Ann Burchatt at Cobham

July 1779 John pleads for money to pay for doctors bill - Thomas Reffell’s wife’s broken leg £2-2s-0p

1787 Seats in Shere church are paid for by John

19 December 1781 John Reffell baptised is at Shere

3 December 1788 An infant John is buried

1790 John is living in Upper Street, Shere

1791-8 John is paid for some beer by the Reverend George Bray

28 December 1794 James son of John & Ann is buried

1795-9 John & Ann are living at Denton, Upper Street, Shere

30 June 1786 Joseph Reffell is baptised at Shere

1797 John is the occupier of The White Horse, Shere

7 June 1798 John Reffell is buried at Shere