Church of St Peter & St Paul

Church Street, Godalming, Surrey

St Peter Paul Godalming The name of Godalming in Surrey is said by some to have originated from a founding father called Godhelm. Whether this is speculation or has some factual content, the name appears to be unique in the world. Noted in the past for being one of the first Surrey villages to be lit by electricity, the railway arrived in 1845 and today it is very much a commuter town for London.

Godalming probably had an early church on the same position as the present one. In St Peter & St Paul can be seen the oldest dateable man-made objects in Godalming, namely carved Anglo-Saxon stones of between 820-840. A second Church, parts of which still survive in the present fabric, dates from the late 10th or early 11th century. In the thirteenth century, the cruciform church of the Normans was converted into a rectangle by the construction of the north and south chapels and nave aisles. The original crown post roof over the chancel was build before 1400. The most important feature of this period was the construction of the oak-timbered spire, which was originally clad with 10 tons of lead. Two restorations of the church occurred during the 19th century, in 1840 and again in 1879. The former extended the nave westwards to the road, whereas the latter has left the church substantially as it is today.

The churchyard was closed to burials in 1855, with burials then taking place at the Nightingale Cemetery.

St Peter Paul Godalming St Peter Paul Godalming St Peter Paul Godalming St Peter Paul Godalming

Those known to have been baptised here:

Robert Reffull, baptism date: 30/10/1641

John Reffull, baptism date: 10/10/1642

Robert Reffull, baptism date: 14/4/1644

Abraham Reffull, baptism date: 10/1/1646

Sarah Reffull, baptism date: 29/6/1651

William Reffull, baptism date: 17/10/1653

Elizabeth Reffull, baptism date: 3/11/1655

William Reffull, baptism date: 26/11/1674

John Reffull, baptism date: 10/3/1677

Nathaniel Reffull, baptism date: 5/5/1678

Elizabeth Reffull, baptism date: 14/12/1680

William Reffull, baptism date: 28/1/1682

Elizabeth Burchatt, baptism date: 3/10/1800

John Burchatt, baptism date: 26/3/1802

Mary Ann Burchatt, baptism date: 29/11/1803

Rebecca Burchatt, baptism date: 25/11/1807

Marie Twycross Burchatt, baptism date: 17/4/1814

Charles Burchatt, baptism date: 3/4/1816

Matilda Burchatt, baptism date: 21/10/1818

Edward Twycross Burchatt, baptism date: 29/1/1820

Daniel Charles Wyeth, baptism date: 15/12/1840

William Wyeth, baptism date: 29/12/1848

Matilda Wyeth, baptism date: 27/1/1847

Thomas Roberts Wyeth, baptism date: 16/2/1850

Those known to have been married here:

Robert Reffull and Sarah Wingham, marriage date: 22/4/1646

William Burchett and Ann Bowyer, marriage date: 28/8/1654

William Reffull and Dorothy Sturte, marriage date: 18/2/1676

Sarah Reffull and Robert Piper, marriage date: 14/10/1678

Thomas Burchatt and Ann Twycross, marriage date: 6/11/1799

Thomas Burchatt and Harriet Soal, marriage date: 9/3/1834

Those known to have been buried here:

John Reffull, burial date: 12/10/1642

Abraham Reffull, burial date: 19/5/1660

Nathaniel Reffull, burial date: 23/4/1661

Dorothy Reffull, burial date: 1/5/1685

Mary Burchatt, burial date: 15/3/1711

Richard Burchatt, burial date: 20/9/1714

Thomas Burchatt, age: 44, burial date: 26/4/1821

Maria Burchatt, age: 21, burial date: 28/6/1835

Mary Twycross, age: 81 burial date: 27/10/1836

Catherine Twycross, age: 48 burial date: 27/12/1838

Ann Burchatt, age: 63, burial date: 28/3/1840

John Twycross, age: 93 burial date: 14/8/1840

John Twycross, age: 27, burial date: 29/4/1847