Church of St Mary Magdalen

Bermondsey Street, London

St Mary MagdalenLike the other churches in the area, there is a church listed on this site in the Domesday Book, but the first known record of the church of St Mary Magdalen is in 1296, when the church appears to have served the workers in the Priory of St Saviour. 
The present day church dates from the 1690s and has been considerably modified over time. Fortunately the church survived the bombing that destroyed much of the surrounding area, but it was subsequently damaged in a fire during 1971.
The present day parish incorporates the parishes of three other former parish churches: St Olave Tooley Street, St John Horsleydown and St Luke Grange Road, all three of whom have been destroyed.
It should be noted that the church has always been spelt as St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, and not with the usual spelling of Magdalene.

Those known to have been baptised here:

Henry Reffell, baptism date: 30/5/1813

Thomas Emanuel Reffell, baptism date: 29/1/1815

William Reffell, baptism date: 6/10/1816

Emanuel Reffell, baptism date: 19/12/1819

James John Reffell, baptism date: 5/1/1823

Frederick Reffell, baptism date: 16/7/1824

Charles Reffell, baptism date: 3/12/1826

George Bush Reffell, baptism date: 1/10/1828

Henry William Reffell, baptism date: 29/5/1833

Mary Reffell, baptism date: 27/8/1837

Those known to have been married here:

John Tanner and Sarah Reffell, marriage date: 14/2/1802

Those known to have been buried here:

Frederick Reffell, age: 2y 2m, burial date: 9/8/1826

Charles Reffell, age: 3m, burial date: 16/2/1827