The Great War for Civilisation

Enlist Today!The origins and accounts of 'The Great War for Civilisation' are complex and outside the coverage of this genealogical website. By its very nature, this was the first 'world war' encompassing in one way or another, everyone in the UK, the British Empire and beyond. Before the Great War, wars were conducted in distant places by only a limited number of participants; usually by those from the extreme upper & lower classes. The Great War changed that for ever, for the first time it raised a truly citizens army and war was never to be a remote affair ever again. Virtually every household was involved in one way or the other; husbands and sons (and some daughters) were at the front, whilst often the women left behind worked producing the equipment that they could kill with.

Interest in the Great War continues to fascinate almost a hundred years after it first started. Although unfortunately only a small proportion of service records have survived, there are still a large number are available to the genealogist, together with a vast amount of background resources. They can but only hint at what life was like for our forebears who took part in the Great War for Civilisation.