Lost Pubs of Bexley - Pubs created after 1830 and since closed

by Jim Packer

ISBN: 0902541757 Softback:106 pages 2005

Lost Pubs of Bexley by Jim Packer Publisher's Synopsis
The long-awaited sequel to ‘Bexley Pubs’and has taken years of methodical and careful research, all the more difficult as these are pubs that are no longer trading and were in danger of being forgotten forever. Together, these books form the definitive history of the pubs, beer-houses, and licensed trade of the London Borough of Bexley.
A colourful picture is painted of the demanding, yet often humorous life of the small independent beer-sellers and brewery companies and the many changes involved over the centuries; giving an insight into the social history of the times.
Jim Packer is a respected local historian with a reputation for meticulous and thorough research and both books are written with the same painstaking regard for detail and accuracy. This book has been published by the Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre as part of an ongoing series of books aimed at promoting an interest in the history of the local area.
Although currently not in print, the book is available from the Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre or from second hand bookshops.

Website Review
Written by a regular contributor to this website, this excellently researched reference work is illustrated by fascinating photographs and detailed histories of the 'Bexley lost pubs'. Some of these were owned or tenanted by the Reffells Bexley Brewery Ltd.; such as the Lady Grey at Bexleyheath, which was on the site of 28 Watling Street. This book is recommended to all those who have an interest in the London Borough of Bexley, those interested in the social history of the times and (of course) Reffell Brewery researchers!