Tunbridge Wells Borough Cemetery

Benhall Mill Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Borough Cemetery is to the south of Tunbridge Wells and is managed by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. It was opened in 1873 to replace Woodbury Park Cemetery, which was within the north area of the town. The cemetery and associated cremetorium are still in use.

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Grave of Madame Caballero Grave of Sarah Crittle Grave of William and Edith Leshley

Those known to have been buried or cremated here:

Sarah Crittle, age: 51, burial date: 12/10/1876

Mary Ann Caballero, age: 89, burial date: 10/5/1877

Annie Leshley, age 71, burial date: 25/5/1907

James Leshley, age 44, burial date: 26/11/1907

Lucy Reffell, age 50, burial date: 21/1/1908

John Leshley, age 80, burial date: 19/12/1908

Ellen Reffell, age 77, burial date: 3/12/1909

John Leshley, age 66, burial date: 29/3/1927

Annie Leshley, age 53, burial date: 27/11/1935

Irene Maud Reffell, age 54, burial date: 20/8/1941

William Leshley, age: 75, burial date: 22/8/1942

Alexander Reffell, age 88, burial date: 24/2/1947

Edith Clara Leshley, age: 84, burial date: 1/12/1962

Ethel Clara Reffell, age 75, cremation date: 17/4/1972

Gladys Lilian Leshley, age 67, cremation date: 31/12/1980

Arthur Sidney Reffell, age 95, cremation date: 23/9/1992

William Edwin Leshley, age 88, cremation date: 25/5/1907

Pauline Reffell, age 64, cremation date: 5/12/2003